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Happy Chinese New year

The Year of the Rabbit

I have always been fascinated at how other cultures view the world. In most of the countries in Asia, their year is based on a lunar calendar, and based on this, there will be a celebration of what is called the “Chinese New Year ” starting January 22nd. Their calendar isn’t just broken down into months. It is based on the 12 mythological characters of the Chinese zodiac and as such it runs in 12 YEAR cycles.  This year we will be celebrating the Year of the Rabbit (or the year of the Hare.)

The Chinese zodiac differs from the western astrological system and is based on various animals, some of which exist in nature (Roosters, snakes, the ox, etc.) They also include other creatures like Dragons that do not actually exist but serve to make the system even more exotic for us “westerners.”
This year, as it turns out, is the year of the Rabbit, and based on where my birth-date falls, Eureka, this is my year. Here’s what the prognosticators claim will happen for persons falling under this sign. 

“Many things are going to change in your life this year, and this brings new opportunities, especially for relationships, career and creative projects. This is also a time of letting go. Rabbit natives need to release what hasn’t worked in your life. That might mean lightening the load by de-cluttering, letting go of difficult relationships or moving on from a dead-end job. This is an exciting year when you can go in a new direction and find out more about yourself.”

Those that are born during the year of the Rabbit are said to be the luckiest people in the year. But come on now, couldn’t we say the above for just about anyone.  Don’t believe me?  Take out the word Rabbit and see if it would apply to you. So, even if you were born in a different year, things could be pretty lucky for you….if?  If you are like me, and you remember the axiom that states, “The harder I work, the luckier I become.  I have always thought of myself as being pretty lucky but that’s because I don’t hope that thing will happen and fall in my favor. I work to get them to do that.

So if you have decided that this is the year to buy a house, or sell a house, or build your business, you could place your bets on luck as being your most important influencer. You could also read tea leaves while you’re at it. Somehow, I suspect, all of this might serve your personal amusement; I just don’t think it is going to get you what you want or need.

Bottom line: I will probably go out and celebrate the Chinese New Year with a group of my friends and have some of my favorite dishes, but when it comes to making a difference, I will be much more likely to take Shakespeare’s line from Hamlet to heart. “The future is not in our stars, Horatio, it is in ourselves.”
Happy New Year (again)

Author Brendan J. Cunningham is a New York Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, lead of the Platinum Team at HusVar Real Estate, as well as an accomplished writer, Shakespearean trained professional actor, and podcaster.

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