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When Agents Look to Join The Best Real Estate Companies

OK, as Joan Rivers used to say, “Can we tawk?”

Sure, there are some good Real Estate Companies out there. And, yes of course, there are some companies that are not as good, and then there are the GREAT companies.  Here’s what the great companies look like.

The great companies might not have the biggest or sexiest offices. The great companies might not have the largest number of agents who are all driving the sexiest of luxury automobiles. And paradoxically, the great companies may not even have the top producers in their respective market places. Now this is not as to say they couldn’t have any or all of these things going for them. They are just not what truly defines the essence of GREATNESS. So what is it that separates the good from the great? It is having a culture based on education.

A great Real Estate company almost takes on the mystical appearance or feeling of a “dojo”. For those that are unfamiliar with the martial arts, like Karate, Aikido, Jiu Jitsu, etc., all of the training takes place in an instruction hall known as a “dojo.”  ALL of the classes have students at various levels, frequently ranked by belt color; Black being the highest (and then beyond that there are 10 higher levels of black.) And even if there is a teacher or SenSei (or sifu as in the Chinese Martial arts), everyone improves and learns from those other students around them.  This is similar to the paradigm of the teaching hospital. The younger doctors learn from more highly experienced doctors in their respective fields, and what’s most important is, the basis of their education is that they all learn “by doing.” If we go back to the dojo for a minute, you can look at someone throwing a side kick all day long, and you might get an interesting perspective on how effectively one can deliver this specialized kick, but until you have actually done it for yourself a few 1000 times, you just don’t get to say you have mastered it. Even then, it would be inordinately smug to say that you did, because there is always a way to improve and perfect anything that you do. You can always learn that much more.

So if you have decided to get into the Real Estate business, look for this important difference. But make sure you move beyond the platitudes, or public relations packaging and word tracks, when the broker or the hiring manager starts talking about how great their system is. Just because the company has a so-called university attached to its name doesn’t mean that it is the “be all” and “end all” of education. A great trainer friend of mine cautioned students on this when he said, “just because I pray in my garage, does that make it a cathedral?”   You need to dig a little deeper, and ask, how it works, what are the costs, what are some of the specifics of what you will learn, who does the training, and how long does it last.  On this last point, you will know you are with the right company, and the best place for you to build your business and your career, if they point out to you SPECIFICALLY that whatever their boot camp looks like, your education will never stop.  I have been doing this for a long time, and I rarely go a day when I don’t learn something new. My favorite quote on this is from Confucius. “Education is like water running uphill. Once it stops it goes backwards.”

 Nuf said.

Hey, I wrote the book on Real Estate, literally.”

Author Brendan J. Cunningham is a New York Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, lead of the Platinum Team at HusVar Real Estate, as well as an accomplished writer, Shakespearean trained professional actor, and podcaster.

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