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The 3 Most Important Questions

  1. Of the listing you have taken, how many actually sold? (Sometimes agents call this their kill ratio.)
  2. What is your list price to sale price ratio? Is it 92.3%, 96.8%, 123%?
  3. What are your average days on the Market?

Having said this, the agent should be able to discuss their numbers as they are compared to the overall market. Again, if they appear to be thinking about them or if they don’t know or if they struggle, you really should ask yourself why are you bothering to talk to them. Go back to the doctor, and describe your reaction when you ask them about their mortality rate, and you watch them stroking their beard and murmur something like “well it was a very low number, maybe 2 or 3?”  Wait, you’re not sure? 2 or 3? Oh, well, what’s the big deal? We are only talking about ONE life, right? Pretty scary isn’t it?
So as much as you might want to talk about who they know, and what kind of car they are driving, or what country club they belong to, go for the gusto and get to the important stuff. Get the agent to discuss their numbers. Watch them struggle or watch them knock you over with a feather. It’s the best way to make the optimum choice.

Hey, I wrote the book on Real Estate, literally.”

Author Brendan J. Cunningham is a New York Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, lead of the Platinum Team at HusVar Real Estate, as well as an accomplished writer, Shakespearean trained professional actor, and podcaster.

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