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Real Estate: A Team Sport – What Josh Allen Taught Me About Home Transactions

If you live in the greater Buffalo area, it is pretty near to impossible to not love Josh Allen.  Not only is this future hall-of-famer a great guy on and off the field, but he is good looking, and charming, and frankly I wouldn’t mind having him as a son-in-law (and I truly love my daughter and no one is good enough for her as far as I am concerned.)  Ok, so I am a fan. But what does this have to do with Real Estate? Come on, admit it,…you were thinking this to yourself, right? Well, stick with me, because I am going somewhere with this.

As good as Josh is, and anyone who has seen him play will concur, he can do things that no one else could ever do on the football field. But here comes the teachable moment, I was crushed last year when I watched him play a PERFECT game. He had 7 possessions, and he scored on all of them.  Not only had this not been done before but this was truly, in a word, phenomenal.  Oh, one other thing, I did say, “crushed” when I described this game. Why, because they lost that day. You can have the greatest quarterback in the NFL or in the universe for that matter (since everyone is talking about aliens and UFO’s these days), but it takes an entire team to win games. YOU can have the best and most knowledgeable Real Estate agent in the business but you need a team to bring YOU through to the HOME stretch (pun intended.) and get the transaction to close. 

I have often compared a Real Estate transaction to playing football. At any given time there are 22 players on the field who all seem to mindlessly cash into one another for a one hour game that takes nearly 4 hours to play.  The same thing is true in the Real Estate transaction.  However long you think the process should take, it seems like it takes forever sometimes. Additionally, in any transaction there are 22 service providers who all play an important part, anyone one of whom can quickly bring the play to an end and get a flag on the field. For the record, YOU more than likely will have 2 agents, 2 brokers, 3 attorneys (2 if it is a cash transaction), A mortgage broker, a loan officer, an underwriter (with an entire department). That’s 12 right there and then there are another 10, who make up your backfield and they include various inspectors, appraisers, surveyors, title examiners, etc. Most of the time YOUR agent (who acts as quarterback) brings it in and puts a W in the winning column for you, but much like Josh Allen playing a perfect game, YOUR Realtor is dependent on the rest of his team. WE have heard so many fans of Josh’s screaming at him things like, 

     “Come on man, You are going to get hurt doing that. Come on, will someone block this guy!’

So remember this when you are buying or selling a home. Assemble your team. Get a great quarterback. Get a phenomenal mortgage broker. Make sure you are working with a good, local Real Estate lawyer.  Those are the key positions. Your quarterback will pick out the key players he needs to make that play work. The most important thing they get to do is make decisions on the field and maintain control of the ball. The mortgage broker sets up the next part of the series with underwriters, appraisers, etc. And that good, local, Real Estate lawyer I just  referred to (keywords here are good, local and Real Estate since it is a specialty practice); they actually are the ones who set up the closing at a time and place to be agreed upon by all parties.  So here’s my final Point (after Touchdown.) I hope you like and respect your agent the same way I like and respect Josh Allen for the professional he is (they are.). But as awesome as both of these professionals may be on and off the field, remember it is a TEAM sport, with a lot of moving parts.

Oh, and one last thing…..GO BILLS!!!!

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Author Brendan J. Cunningham is a New York Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, lead of the Platinum Team at HusVar Real Estate, as well as an accomplished writer, Shakespearean trained professional actor, and podcaster.
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