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    “The Prime Directive”

    By Admin | February 2, 2023

    It is not an accident that the most successful agents who came from other careers were previously ACTUAL teachers.  Within this special group of achievers,the most successful fall into the subset: elementary school teachers.  Why is that? Read More

    Closing Costs

    By Admin | January 31, 2023

    Ok, let’s talk about “explaining” closing costs. This sometimes falls into a category that is anywhere between non-existent to extremely well. When I bought my first house, I was the buyer who had a non-existent explanation.  We don’t want this to happen to you. So stay tuned till we get to the end. My agent did a... Read More

    The Problem with Predictions

    By Admin | January 27, 2023

    This is the dozen or so questions that just begin the process before even the remotest possibility of a prediction can occur. Rest assured, I will be following all of these questions up with more questions as we proceed to take you through the tempestuous waters of the Real Estate market in 2023. Read More

    Do you really need a Realtor®

    By Admin | January 20, 2023

    A good agent becomes someone who you not just rely on; they are the ones, who by law, give you their loyalty, their trust, and most importantly their expertise.  Read More

    Happy Chinese New year

    By Admin | January 17, 2023

    It's the Chinese New Year, the year of the Hare. Will this offer some foresight for you? Read More

    Should you demand repairs after a home inspection?

    By Admin | January 13, 2023

    The last time I looked, the stars and stripes were still flying outside my window and anyone that owned Real Estate had the freedom to do whatever they wanted to do with their property. Read More

    Confusion on Home Inspections

    By Admin | January 6, 2023

    With the highly competitive market we have experienced recently, and still see in most markets, many buyers have elected to wave or felt that they were forced to eliminate home inspections as part of their due diligence.  Buyers have frequently been told that the seller accepted another offer over theirs even when the offer price... Read More

    2023 – Is now a good time to buy?

    By Admin | January 3, 2023

    The answer I will give you is a little different than what you will expect and is based on common sense. There are literally 10’s of thousands of blog posts and articles addressing this topic and all will vary in their response. You can easily consider these, together with the millions of Real Estate agents who... Read More

    The Buffalo Blizzard of 2022 – A Christmas Story

    By Admin | December 23, 2022

    As we center into orbit around the great blue marble we call Earth, we have detected serious blizzard like conditions covering a major part of the United States with the most dangerous conditions centering over a section of WNY in an area called Buffalo. Read More

    Selling during the Holiday Season

    By Erik Eggleston | December 5, 2022

    Listing a home during the holidays can be extremely advantageous to homeowners, and it doesn’t have to ruin any holiday cheer. Read More