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The word blog, “Now that’s a funny word.”  A lot of times as word combinations occur within any language, much of the nuance and some of the original meanings of words is lost or forgotten. Blog is simple enough; it comes from WEB and LOG. It is literally the keeping of a log for the Web. Not sure what that is all about but let’s look at the word LOG.

There are many things we could say here but the simple way to explain it is, a log is a book or a record that’s kept aboard a ship to help keep it on course. Each day’s position is registered, and Important entries, such as injury or repairs, icebergs or whale sightings etc are also logged. Entries are made by parties of acceptable rank or by any personnel that have a place on the voyage. That’s what this blog is all about and why we want it to be different for you. It needs YOUR input. “What’s that, you say?”

“Loved what you had to say.”


“What moron wrote this crap?”     ( Yikes, on this one.)

We want you to feel like you are a part of this Real Estate voyage. Let’s open up a dialogue. What things do you want to know about that we might not have addressed?  The entries to this point have been designed to be instructional both for the consumer as well as the agent. As I often remind our agents, “
“We need to teach buyers how to buy and sellers how to sell.”  

The GREAT news here is, we do that very well and we clearly set the benchmark for Real Estate professionals in the big 716.  So, stay tuned on this point and mark your calendars for February 28th at 1pm. You’ll want to set 30 minutes aside and find out why we are frequently referred to as the “coolest” Real Estate company in town.  

Got it? Husvar as I know, Stay tuned.

Hey, I wrote the book on Real Estate, literally.”

Author Brendan J. Cunningham is a New York Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, lead of the Platinum Team at HusVar Real Estate, as well as an accomplished writer, Shakespearean trained professional actor, and podcaster.

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