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Nicholas Pantoja

O: 716-362-2373 M: 585-362-7229

A well-informed communicator, open-minded, empathetic [listens to understand], and distinctive insightful real-estate salesperson agent. Nicholas Pantoja has a rare disposition full of optimism. A one-of-a-kind, must-pick, to help guide you to better times and brighter days. Eliminating your unforeseen and challenging difficulties along your journey regarding home buying and selling.

Nicholas has wonderful buoyant qualities that involve morality, ethics, principals, empathy, and integrity and is very genuine and authentic when helping others make well-researched decisions based on what their specified preferences are. He is very patient and extrovertedly personable in his mindful craft when evaluating authorized decisions for his clients to find the perfect fit. His business is built upon high-intellect communication, intuitive comprehension, appropriate responsiveness, dedication, and transparency.

Nicholas is self-motivated, organized, multi-tasked, and sincerely passionate when delivering above-average results. Nicholas also obtains an educated background in Business Administration with a Concentration in Management being a strong advocate for effective leadership, and has achieved half of his Master's Degree in business online. He was hand-chosen by a professor to achieve a finance extracurricular-activity research project and was the Senate of the Brockport Student Government managing Appropriation, Diversity/Intuitive and Personnel committees and is knowledgeable of Real-Estate extensive training to help meet the needs and wants of others. His hobbies are freehand drawing, painting, singing, and writing poetry.

He may ask questions to narrow down what makes your home most like yourself so that it feels in place with your comfort emotional level. He loves building relationships with his community and getting to know the unique cultural differences in the people he meets. Nicholas is very resourceful in helping with this extremely difficult transition while juggling different life responsibilities to make it the least stressful.

Nicholas gets to know the people in his community through his experience in the restaurant industry with his charming beautiful soul; had been a server for 9 years, a bartender for 4 years, and a Manager for 2 years. He’s taken electives in college to help him with building sociable relationships. His past in getting high grades in psychology, philosophy, 3 different sociologies, and 3 different cultural anthropologies, astrology, and LGBTQ+ classes makes him someone who is compassionately equipped and open to making sure his client feels more than welcomed in their individuality when meeting with him.

Nicholas Pantoja stands apart because he wants to be a difference and make the world a better place for not only himself, but, the lives of others as well. He is super stoked to be involved with an attentive, innovative, growth, and professional Real-Estate career where he can make others happy when building and creating a new beginning chapter of their lives.

Nicholas will help educate you step-by-step using obedience, loyalty, confidentiality, disclosure, accountability, and reasonable care when expanding the image of what you visualize and assist you to achieve and divide and conquer your goal with a peaceful state of mind. The Real-Estate market is very strenuous, but procrastinating doesn’t need to be an option anymore, Nicholas has always been resilient and understands the ups and downs of finding an equilibrium balance in life.

Contact Nicholas today to schedule a consultation. You’re not alone, allow him to be the best decision you will ever make in finding where you belong! He will work diligently and allow his work and truthful intentions to speak for itself.

Nicholas Pantoja
HusVar Real Estate
501 John James Audubon Pkwy, Suite 110
Amherst NY 14228

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